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    Hidden Falls Estate gets its name from a beautiful yet elusive waterfall that is hidden among an outcrop of huge rocks.

  • attikan estate

    Located to the south of Mysore, Karnataka, the Biligiri Ranjan Hills, or “white hills”, are named after the mist that hangs over this region. High up in the hills lies an isolated spot, where Attikan Estate is found.

  • ram estate

    Currently managed by the 5th generation of the family, Ram Estate has been growing coffee since the 1860s. The estate is strategically located in the crest of Pulney Hills in Kamanur village.

  • ratnagiri estate

    Ratnagiri Estate is a Rainforest Alliance certified farm in the South Indian Western Ghats near Bababudangiri, the place where coffee in India first originated.

  • Yelliemadaloo Estate

    Yelliemadaloo Estate, lies along the banks of the stream it’s named after. Located on the slopes of the picturesque Durgadabetta, in Chikmagalur, the estate grows both Arabica and Robusta, alongside pepper and areca nuts.

  • Araku valley

    The Araku Valley Farmers Collective is run and implemented by the non-profit TechnoServe.

  • Anai Kadu Estate

    Named after their daughter, Anaika, and their love for the Great Indian Elephant, Anai Kadu Estate is run by couple Nisha Thomas and Kurain George.

  • Baarbara Estate

    Baarbara Estate is run by the third generation of seasoned Chikmagalur coffee cultivators from the Indavara family that owns MG Plantations.

  • Basankhan Estate

    The Basankhan Estate is a family-owned farm located in Chikmagalur, Karnataka with a rich history spanning over 100 years.

  • Bettadamalali Estate

    Situated in the picturesque Chikmagalur region, the farm’s coffee journey started with older varieties like Kent and San Ramon.

  • Bibi Plantation

    Bibi Plantation is located in Coorg, in the heart of India’s coffee growing region in the Suntikoppa district of Karnataka.

  • Bynekere Estate

    Our newest partner farm, Bynekere Estate, sits pretty at an altitude of 1200m in the misty valley of the Western Ghats.

  • Gowri Estate

    Gowri Estate happens to be one of seven estates run by the MSP Coffee family which boasts five generations of passionate farmers since its launch in the 1920s.

  • Gungegiri Estate

    Gungegiri Estate, part of the Sangameshwar group — which our most loved Attikan Estate is also from — was started by a couple of British brothers, W.L. and C.S.

  • Hardoor Estate

    Hardoor Estate is located 5 km from Suntikoppa Town, at an elevation of slightly over 1000 metres.

  • Harley Estate

    Situated amidst the rolling hills of Sakleshpur, Harley Estate in Karnataka is surrounded by plenty of coffee and tea farms.

  • Hippla Estate

    Established in 1916 by Huliyappa Gowda, Hippla Estate has stayed in the family for five generations and is currently managed by Nesara HD and Raghi Hippla.

  • Howdia Estate

    Located in the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu, Howdia Estate lies on the foothills of the Megamalai mountain range, also known as the ‘High Wavy Mountains’ for its cloud-covered peaks.

  • Hoysala Estate

    Situated in Anoor village, this farm, interestingly, is named after the ancient Hoysala dynasty which prevailed in that location from the 9th to 14th century.

  • Kaivalya Estate

    Kaivalya Estate is nestled among the rolling hills of Chikmagalur in Karnataka.

  • Kalledevarapura Estate

    Kalledevarapura Estate dates back to the 1900s and was the first farm we visited!

  • Karadykan Estate

    Karadykan Estate is a lush 620 acre farm located in Chikmagalur and is one of the four estates owned by Sangameshwar Coffee which also owns Attikan Estate.

  • Kerehaklu Estate

    Tucked away in Chikmagalur, Kerehaklu Estate has been run by the Thipaiah family for four generations. Spread across 275 acres, the farm sits at an altitude of roughly 1200 metres above sea level.

  • Kolli Berri Estate

    Located in the Kollibyle village in Chikmagalur, Kolli Berri Estate is a completely women-run farm that has been in producer Pranathi’s family since 1942.

  • Koraput Coffees

    This charming coffee plantation is set high in the Eastern Ghats in the Koraput region of Odisha, and is run by mother-daughter duo Nirmala and Rajeshwari Reddy.

  • Krishnagiri Estate

    In the heart of verdant countryside, lies the sprawling estate of Krishnagiri, at an altitude of 1500 m.

  • Kudiraipanjan Estate

    Located in the Shevaroy Hills in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, Kudripanjan Estate sits at an altitude of 1400 metres.

  • Loyola Estate

    Loyola Estate is situated in the Lower Pulney Hills in the Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu, India.

  • Merthi Subbangudigy Estate (M.S. Estate)

    Merthi Subbangudigy Estate, otherwise known as M.S. Estate, is located in the rolling Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats in Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

  • Mooleh Manay Estate

    Located in North Coorg, on the banks of the Harangi backwaters, the Kannada phrase ‘Mooleh Manay’ translates to ‘corner house’.

  • Nachammai Estate

    Nachammai Estate is located 1400m up in the Shevaroy Hills, near Yercaud in Tamil Nadu.

  • Orchardale Estate

    Orchardale Estate is one of seven estates run by the MSP Coffee family which boasts five generations of passionate farmers since its launch in the 1920s.

  • Salawara Estate

    Established by the British in the late 1880s, this lush 360-acre estate, located in Belur, Hassan, Karnataka, holds a legacy that spans generations.

  • Sampigehoney Estate

    Sampigehoney Estate lies in the Manjarabad region, nestled in the Western Ghats at an elevation of 3800 ft above sea level.

  • Sandalwood Estate

    Sandalwood Estate is located at an altitude of 1050 metres and was established in 1878.


    Seethargundu Estate lies in the Nelliyampathy hills in Chittur, Kerala and is part of a bigger group of estates that goes by the name of ‘Poabs’.

  • Shivagange Estate

    Shivagange Estate is situated amongst the Rudra Giri mountains in Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

  • Stanmore Estate

    Known for its gentle slopes, rich soil and bountiful rainfall, Stanmore Estate is one of the 7 estates that belong to the MSP Coffee Group and is located in the centre of the best growing zone of the Shevaroy Hills.

  • Thogarihunkal Estate

    Thogarihunkal Estate is located in Chikmagalur on the rolling hills of Baba Budangiri, the birthplace of Indian coffee.

  • Unakki Coffee Collective

    Set in Joldal, Palya in Chikmagalur district, Unakki Coffee Collective was born out of a passion for Indian coffee and elevating the processes that coffee producers indulge in.

  • Varadymullai Estate

    Started in 1945, Varadymullai Estate pans 2,000 acres of which close to 400 acres are dedicated to coffee.

  • Yelnoorkhan Estate

    Situated a stone’s throw away from Karnataka's highest peak, Mullayanagiri in Chikmagalur, Yelnoorkhan Estate was established in 1889 and is one of the few coffee estates in India at an elevation of 1616 M above the sea level.

  • central washing station

    We’ve set up and started our very first CWS in the lofty hills of the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu, making us the first specialty coffee roaster in and from India to experiment with processing coffee through a central washing station.