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Located in the Western Ghats, Howdia Estate lies on the foothills of the Megamalai mountain range, also known as the ‘High Wavy Mountains’ for its cloud-covered peaks. The estate is sprawled over 60 acres of land and sits at an altitude of 5,000 feet, surrounded by reserve forest. Coffee is grown across 30 acres, while the rest of the estate is covered in cardamom. The estate’s shade-grown coffee varieties include Arabica Selection 9, Cauvery and Catimor.

  The current owner of the estate, Sheikh is a second generation coffee farmer who has been maintaining the plantation since 1995. Our seasonal series from Howdia Estate is made with coffee cherries picked from 20 year-old plants, fermented overnight to remove excess mucilage and laid to dry in the sun for one week.

Our washed processed light roast from Howdia Estate has flavour notes of orange blossoms, honey and black tea and is best brewed in an AeroPress or Pour Over. To shop this year’s seasonal coffee from Howdia Estate, click here.