Our Roasteries

When we started roasting in 2013, we had a small 1kg machine that had us roasting for twelve to fourteen hours straight on most nights because of how small it was. Though we have grown, in the size of our roasting machines (we now roast on two 12kg and one 25kg Probat machines), and the team of roasters, we continue to spend as much time, energy and resources on constantly pushing our roasting quality forward.

We are consistently researching, testing and implementing best practices throughout our business to raise the bar. Evaluating hundreds of green bean samples by cupping them every harvest season, before making our final selections is standard procedure at Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters. Conducting advanced sensory trainings for our roasters, and experimenting with processing methods at the farm level are just some of the ways that our highly skilled team is constantly evolving.

Although we have a dedicated sourcing team for green beans and have invested in establishing quality roasting parameters, we know that a lot more steps still have to fall into place to brew a good cup. This is why we work closely with our Q-Grade certified Director of Coffee to create industry leading procedures such as cupping every single batch that is roasted to ensure consistent quality.

Our belief in transparency extends to our roasteries in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore, and we encourage our customers to visit us. To take the interaction with your coffee a level further, we will soon be running on-going tours of the roastery. We roast from Monday to Friday and look forward to having you drop by to see some of your favourite beans being roasted.