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Dark Chocolate, Figs, Roasted Almond
Cocoa, Oaky, Bitter Sweet
Strong, Cocoa, Bitter Sweet
Attikan Estate, Silver Oak, Vienna Roast

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Asset_1_1Happy Customers

I've been drinking coffee for a year now but never tried Blue Tokai. I heard about Attikan a lot and it was worth the hype! I am not a fan of darker roasts but it was one of the smoothest coffees I've tried till now. I'm definitely ordering again.


Love the packaging, the coffee selection, the community events you do. The general love for coffee you want to share with the world is amazing to see. Keep shining! :)


Blue Tokai is hands down the best coffee brand out there! I’ve enjoyed each cup at their cafes and whenever I brew at home. I can't get enough of their coffee and I recommend it to everyone!