Why Us 

For the last 11 years, we’ve collaborated closely with couples, caterers and wedding planners, in weddings big and small, to make celebrations more special with offerings that are:

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    Think custom blends, personalised pouches, coffee carts that match your wedding theme, and much more. 

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    Picture everything running like clockwork—no last-minute panic or follow-ups needed.

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    Within Budget

    We meet both your budget and needs, ensuring you get the best of both worlds.

  • How We Make Weddings Special 


    Coffee Carts

    Picture this: the friend you’ve known since you were two, your favourite colleague, the cousin who taught you how to drive, that maasi who’s always the first to wish you Happy Birthday; they’re all there, over the moon with joy. The coffee they're sharing laughs over, India's very best—a fitting token of your gratitude for how loved they've made you feel.


    Gifts & Favours

    Want to express how lovely it is to have them share in your joy? We've got you covered with thoughtful gifts bound to stir fond memories from your big day over weeks that follow. And we’re here to customise them just right, so even that one hard-to-please uncle can’t help but break into a smile.


    Curated Experiences

    With thoughtful care packages for your guests, blends that mirror your love, custom wedding invitations or anything else you have in mind; we’re all for adding that extra touch of magic to your special day.


    To know more, contact us on events@bluetokaicoffee.com