"Vietnamese Coffee Popsicle: Summer's Cool Twist!"

"Vietnamese Coffee Popsicle: Summer's Cool Twist!"

If you're a fan of Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee, you will love these easy-to-make popsicles. By combining bold coffee with sweet condensed milk, this creamy and delicious treat is perfect for hot summer days.

Pro Tips: 

  1. If you're looking to make these popsicles vegan-friendly, substitute plant-based condensed milk and dairy-free cream instead.
  2. If you're using a silicone mold, make sure to insert the popsicle stick first before pouring in the coffee.
  3. Note: Traditional Vietnamese coffee is always brewed using the drip method with a steel filter called a phin – if you have one you can use that. Otherwise we recommend going with either a French Press, channi coffee method or a pour over. 

For best results, use our Dhak Blend coffee, used in-cafe to make Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee. You can also use our bestselling Attikan Estate Coffee or our Cold Brew Cans! So go ahead and give this recipe a try - your taste buds will thank you!

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