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Tyler's New Zealand Travel Tales ft. Coffee!

Do you know the most unforgettable way to travel through New Zealand? It’s roaming in a campervan!

I was traveling through Rotoura and realised that I had never quite experienced NZ this way before. My husband and I hired a campervan and parked it on the edge of a beautiful lake. Waking up in the morning was nothing short of magical. I made some coffee with my Aeropress and ground coffee and then I just couldn’t resist taking a dip in the freezing cold lake!

Later, I dried out with small native ducks soaking in the sun and it’ll always remain one of my most precious travel memories. I’d recommend a campervan to anyone who’s up for an adventure. Carry your swimmers, walking shoes and an adventurous spirit to make the most of a kiwi style trip!

    Before you leave for the trip though, make sure to carry an Aeropress with you. I carry mine with me every time. For long flights, I usually take 100 gm of pre-ground coffee, my Aeropress and my coffee spoon! I ask the flight attendant for a cup of boiling water and an empty cup to make my coffee. There are times when they look at me strangely, but it’s all worth drinking freshly-made specialty coffee instead of the bitter plane brew. 

    If you let me be your guide, I’d say make a visit to the Weta workshop where most NZ movie sets, props and costumes are created, including the ones for The Lord of the Rings! Some of my personal favourite things to do around Wellington are:

    • Taking a cable car up to the Botanical Gardens,
    • Going bar hopping at Courtney place,
    • Going to cafés like Havana Coffee Works, Supreme and Fidel’s and interacting with their quirky baristas who have true passion for their craft,
    • Getting a good cuppa from the ‘hole-in-the-wall’ espresso bars!

     New Zealander's Favourite Coffees: 

    • Flat Whites
    • Piccolos
    • Long Blacks
    • Espressos 

    New Zealand’s Coffee Culture: In NZ cafés, it is standard for baristas to ask you if you’d like chocolate or cinnamon on top if you order a cappuccino. And, most cafés provide the option of a ‘bowl’ size (550 ml) coffee, a classic kiwi offering! Also, bringing a laptop to a café there might get you some sideways eyes since coffee means time to chill for people there and they don’t normally work from a café.

    I hope your itinerary features some of these and be sure to share your coffee escapades with us! 

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