Basankhan Estate

Basankhan Estate

AUGUST 22, 2023

The Basankhan Estate is a family-owned farm located in Chikmagalur, Karnataka with a rich history spanning over 100 years. It was originally founded by their great grandfather, Mr. Gulamenabi, and subsequently managed by G. Abdul Wajid & Sons. Now in its fourth generation, the estate continues to flourish.

After picking cherries from the trees, the farm initiates immediate processing. Unwanted cherries are removed, and the coffee is meticulously cleaned with water. A pulping machine is then used to remove the outer layer of the cherries, after which the washed coffee is soaked in water for 12 hours before being transferred to the drying yard.

The focus of the Basankhan Estate is to consistently produce the finest beans from their crop. They prioritise thorough washing by performing the process twice. The drying methods employed include mat drying, shade drying, regular drying, and more. During the drying process, careful attention is paid to rotation, ensuring equal drying by turning the coffee every hour.

In addition to coffee, the estate cultivates a variety of other crops such as black pepper, oranges, cardamom, lemons, and bananas. The lush landscape is adorned with magnificent silver trees, enhancing the natural beauty of the farm.

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