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Bibi Plantation


Bibi Plantation is located in the heart of the Coorg coffee growing region in the Sunticoppa district of Karnataka.   Five hours drive from Bangalore, the farm is located 800 meters above sea level.  The climate and soil are ideally suited to growing Arabica and more than 90% of the farm's 205 acres is devoted to the crop. A fantastically warm person, Faiz Moosakutty, took on us on a tour of the farm that he has managed since 1990.  Although the estate has been in his family since 1960, he has transformed the estate into a model coffee farm in a region where it seems as though everyone grows coffee (literally – even our taxi driver mentioned at the end of our trip that he has 10 acres of his own).

The farm has all the facilities associated with producing top quality Washed Arabica and Robusta Coffees, including its own pulping house, drying patios and nursery. Like all quality estates, environmentally sustainable practices are more than just a buzz word but an integral part of maximizing yield while preserving the farm for future generations. Old growth trees covered in pepper vines provide both cover for the coffee shrubs and homes to a number of bird species, while jackfruit and papaya are grown on the estate as well. 

Rather than use chemical weed killers, weeding is done manually and the culled plants are mixed with manure and the pulped coffee fruit to make a natural fertilizer. The harvest time workforce reaches more than 100 people, with around half choosing to live on the farm. Free electricity, housing and medical assistance are all provided as are  interest free loans to assist with the education of the worker’s children.

With much of Bibi Plantations coffee exported to the UK, Germany and Scandavia we are proud to roast and offer this coffee here in India

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