Karadykan Estate

Karadykan Estate

AUGUST 22, 2023

Karadykan Estate

Karadykan Estate is a lush 620 acre farm located in Chikmagalur and is one of the four estates owned by Sangameshwar Coffee which also owns Attikan Estate. Set at an altitude of 3400 feet above sea level, this estate cultivates Selection 9,  Catuai, Chandragiri and S. 795 Robusta.

 We use Karadykan’s beans for two of our coffees – our Vienna roast and our honey sun dried offering. The honey sun dried process consists of the skin and pulp of the coffee cherry being removed while some or all of the mucilage remains. The coffee cherry is sticky and slimy, causing it to resemble “honey”. The process causes the fermentation to happen in the short amount of time it takes for the mucilage to dry, making the coffee less acidic and fruitier.

You can learn more about Karadykan in our Q & A with Hamsini Appudurai, the Chief Marketing Officer of Karadykan Estates' parent company, Sangameshwar Coffee.



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