Bettadamalali Estate

Bettadamalali Estate

AUGUST 22, 2023

Situated in the picturesque Chikmagalur region, the farm’s coffee journey started with older varieties like Kent and San Ramon. However, the introduction of SLN 795 by the Indian Coffee Board marked a significant turning point. The estate played a vital role in distributing SLN 795 seeds across the country, contributing to its widespread cultivation. Today, the estate blends tradition with progress, embracing high-yield, disease-resistant varieties such as SLN 9, SLN 6, Chandragiri, Brazilian Cutwai, Hemavathy, and Sarchimor. The estate is committed to producing top-quality coffee.  

Bettadamalali Estate has a vibrant history in the world of coffee. In 1946, Mr. A.D. Rame Gowda, a visionary rice farmer from nearby Aneganahalli, recognised the potential of this land for coffee cultivation. He acquired the estate, renaming it Bettadamalali Estate, inspired by the lush hills and valleys that surround it. From its modest 100-acre beginnings, Bettadamalali Estate has now expanded to a sprawling 450-acre coffee haven, managed today by Mr. A.R. Nagesh Gowda and his dedicated family. 

Amidst native tree species and the shade of silver oaks, coffee thrives at Bettadamalali Estate. It also serves as a sanctuary for various wildlife species, adding to the biodiversity of the Western Ghats. 

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