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Sandalwood Estate is located at an altitude of 1050 metres and was established in 1878. The family that currently manages it has looked after the 200-acre estate since 1949. 

The lot we’ve used in our seasonal coffee from Sandalwood Estate was handpicked between December, 2020 to January, 2021. This washed processed coffee has been roasted medium dark to enhance its natural flavours of dark chocolate, walnuts and caramel. This coffee is best enjoyed in espresso based drinks or when brewed using the Moka Pot. 

Sandalwood Estate’s coffee beans are shade grown in Suntikoppa and distributed both locally and internationally to roasters in Italy, USA, Norway and Russia. With a recycling water station in the pulping section, effluent water treatment practices, and soil management, which includes treating coffee pulp as compost, the estate places sustainability, environmental responsibility and fair practices at the forefront of its work. 

To try our seasonal coffee from Sandalwood Estate, click here.