Kolli Berri Estate

Kolli Berri Estate

AUGUST 22, 2023

Located in the Kollibyle village in Chikmagalur, Kolli Berri Estate is a completely women-run farm that has been in producer Pranathi’s family since 1942. Surrounded by jungles, their coffees grow in harmony along with other fruits, spices and trees. Humongous native shade trees like old jungle wood, jackfruit, nandi, teak and basri dot the estate. The shade trees and water bodies especially are home to a variety of rare species of birds, reptiles, butterflies and mammals that co-exist in the environment and help maintain a certain moisture level and add to the biodiversity. Kolli Berri Estate is also home to a variety of animals like bison, deer, cow, wild boar, wild cat, wild rabbit and even some rare species like pangolin.

All their coffees are dried on raised beds and stored in grain pro bags which protect the beans from moisture. 50% of the fertilizer used by them is organic and the compost is prepared on the farm itself, requiring minimum to zero use of pesticides and fungicides. This is a Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified farm.

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