Bynekere Estate

Bynekere Estate

AUGUST 22, 2023

Our newest partner farm, Bynekere Estate, sits pretty at an altitude of 1200m in the misty valley of the Western Ghats. Located 20kms from Chikmagalur towards Muthodi forest, also known as Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, this estate is home to rich wildlife with parrots, peacocks and owls being commonly spotted here. Started by Dr Devegowda, Bynekere Estate is currently run by the third generation of coffee growers in the family. 

Bynekere Estate's Arabica is traditionally shade-grown and is of the S795 varietal, which was introduced to the plantation in the 1940s. The coffee in this farm grows among orange, cardamom and pepper crops, giving the green beans a distinct flavour. AThe farm’s welfare initiatives include a school and primary health care centre for all its employees and the villagers who live around the estate.

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