Nachammai Estate

Nachammai Estate

AUGUST 22, 2023


Nachammai Estate is located 1400m up in the Shevaroy Hills, near Yercaud in Tamil Nadu. The estate was originally part of a larger plantation which belonged to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mysore. It was acquired by Palaniappan Ramanathan's family in 1979, and Palaniappan's father spent several years restoring the estate.  

Palaniappan is now undertaking another restoration effort to convert part of the plantation to organic as well as adding homestay facilities. Nachammai has its own pulping machines and dries it's fully washed, Selection 9 beans on a sun soaked drying yard. In addition to coffee, the estate also produces pepper and oranges.

At only 24 acres, this is the first small scale grower that we started working with and we're excited about the possibility of growing together.

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