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Situated in Angadi village, this farm, interestingly, is named after the ancient Hoysala dynasty which prevailed in that location from the 10th to 14th century. Hoysala Estate was established in the late 1800s and the plantations have been managed by families who remained committed to consistently producing excellent coffee. The elevation of these farms range from 900 metres to 1050 metres and the family that currently runs it has seen four generations manage the farm. The farm’s coffee growing area is intercropped with cardamom and produces specialty coffee with natural, washed and honey sun-dried processing. 

The beans used for our seasonal coffee from Hoysala Estate are of the Sarchimor varietal and have been naturally processed, which gives this coffee a fruity flavour profile. Our roasters have roasted the beans to bring out taste notes of plum, toffee and blackberry, and they recommend this coffee as an espresso, AeroPress, Cold Brew or Pour Over.

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