Hardoor Estate

Hardoor Estate

AUGUST 22, 2023

Hardoor Estate is located 5 km from Suntikoppa Town, at an elevation of slightly over 1000 metres. It has been lovingly cared for and watched over by the same family for 5 generations, for over 120 years, all the while nurturing the environment and community around them. The organic-certified plantation mainly focuses on natural shade-grown Arabica coffee of the Chandragiri and Selection-795 varietals. It also grows malabar black pepper, avocado, banana, orange, jackfruit and litchi among others.

The estate is currently home to 160 species of identified trees, out of which ficus, african tulip, bishop wood, mahogany, nilgiri elm, pink cedar, pongamia, rose wood and silver oak make up most of the 90-hectare estate. Hardoor Estate also happens to be the first estate in India to be certified as bird-friendly by the Smithsonian Bird Sanctuary in Washington DC.

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