AUGUST 22, 2023

Seethargundu Estate lies in the Nelliyampathy hills in Chittur, Kerala and is part of a bigger group of estates that goes by the name of ‘Poabs’. At an average elevation of 3500 feet, this is the largest multi crop organic plantation in India growing tea and coffee — Arabica and Robusta — with inter crops of pepper, orange, vanilla, cardamom, strawberry, guava, and other fruits and spices. The estate grows a variety of Arabica including S9, S8, S5, and Cauvery and CXR variety of Robusta as well. 

In 1989 Poabs Group implemented an organic system of cultivation and now offers a range of certified organic, socially and environmentally cultivated coffee and tea with a distinctive cup profile. Poabs Estates in Nelliyampathy is one of two Demeter certified biodynamic estates in the entire world. A self-sustainable farm with all facilities and infrastructure inside the farm, Poabs follows holistic agricultural practices within a closed ecosystem. The group has put together a quality management programme for farm practices and safety procedures, including factory and all processing units. Given the altitude at which the estate sits, the climatic conditions are ideal and highly suitable for growing coffee — with plenty of water sources available on site for irrigation. 

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