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Microlot Vethilaikodaikanal Estate

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Vethilaikodaikanal Estate is located in Pandrimalai Village in the Pulney Hills of Tamil Nadu. This estate has been growing coffee for almost 80 years and is now led by Arun Nagarajan who is the third generation of his family to work on the farm. The coffee estate runs a nursery that grows 25,000 coffee seedlings and 10,000 pepper cuttings every year. The estate does not use any chemical weedicides or insecticides and carries out four rounds of pickings to ensure that only the ripest cherries are picked.

The coffee grows under the shade of a plethora of trees including Red and White Cedar trees as well as Jackfruit and Jamun trees. Although the coffee varietals grown on this farm include S2372, S2931, S795, Cauvery and Sarchimor, this particular Microlot selection comprises the Ciociee varietal, an Ethiopian variant introduced by the Coffee Board in the early 1970's.

Roast Level: Light 

Flavor Notes: Sugarcane, Mandarin, Honey, Tropical Fruit

  • Altitude

    1100 - 1300 m

  • Processing


  • Location


  • Varietal

    S2372, S2931, S795

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