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The Rich & Bold Trio Pack

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Select channi grind and use your tea strainer to make delicious coffee.
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Introducing our Rich & Bold Trio Pack, meticulously curated to help you explore our world of dark coffee wonders. Whether you're new to our brand or simply looking to diversify your coffee experience, this customisable mixed bag is your gateway to discovering the ideal darker brews for your taste buds.
Inside this carefully crafted sampler pack, you'll find three coffees:
Vienna Roast: Rich and smoky notes with a perfect balance of boldness and smoothness.
French Roast: For those who crave the deep, dark intensity of a very dark roast.

Silver Oak: Celebrated for its complex flavours and versatility, this one is our own in-house cafe blend

Each Sampler Pack will contain 75 g x 3 pouches.

Additional Details

Country of Origin:India

Manufactured By:Muhavra Enterprises Private Limited

FSSAI No.:10821005000101

Net Quantity:225g

Frequently asked questions.

How much coffee do I get in each sampler pack?

A customized sampler pack includes three 75 g pouches of the selected coffees. You can choose to get whole coffee beans or your preferred grind size.

Why are some of the coffees not available in the dropdown?

We don't offer special releases like Producer Series, Debut Series, etc., as samplers because they're very limited in stock. All other roasted coffees are available in the dropdown. If you don't find one you'd like to try, please email us at, and we'll fix it.

Can I get more or less than 3 samplers in a single order?

We're unable to offer less than three samples as it is economically unfeasible for us to ship due to logistical costs. However, you can request more than three packs of roasted coffee by emailing us your order at, and we'll get back to you with a payment link for the final order. The price for each additional pack is ₹150.

Can I select different grinds for individual sampler packs in the same order?

If you don’t want to end up grinding coffee beans yourself, you may get individual packs in different grinds by mentioning them as "special instructions" during the checkout. Please add each selected sampler with the preferred grind against it to avoid confusion. Our team will process the order accordingly.

Which 3 coffees do you recommend I get if I'm trying Blue Tokai coffee for the first time?

While Silver Oak, Attikan Estate, and Vienna Roast are the most preferred coffees and some of the best coffee beans online, we suggest you also look at our recommendations section so that you can select based on your taste preferences.

I don't have any coffee brewing equipment; can I still make this at home?

Yes! You don’t have to buy coffee equipment to brew roasted coffee. You can brew a delicious cup using a regular tea strainer. Here's a video explaining this method.