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Producer Series Lot 6 | Ratnagiri Estate Yeast Anaerobic Natural

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We’re extremely thrilled to feature Ratnagiri Estate as the first Producer Series coffee for 2021! This lot was processed using an experimental method where coffee cherries were fermented in sealed tanks without oxygen for about 36 hours, and then dried with the pulp intact. Yeast was added to break down the mucilage, ensure controlled fermentation and to enhance the rare, floral aromas that we enjoy in this coffee. 

This limited edition series is a celebration of some of India’s highest scoring coffees that are grown, processed and roasted in very small lots. It’s an opportunity for us to highlight India’s most visionary producers innovating with experimental processing methods at the farm. Our roasters choose to lightly roast each of these special coffees to enhance their unique, complex profile.  

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  • Altitude

    1250 - 1450m

  • Processing

    Yeast Anaerobic Natural

  • Location

    Chikmagalur, Karnataka

  • Variety


Regular price
“We’ve used a specific strain of yeast which adds to the metabolic changes during fermentation and brings out very unique floral flavours in this coffee.“

- Ashok Patre, Producer

About the Farm

Ratnagiri Estate is a Rainforest Alliance certified farm in the South Indian Western Ghats near Baba Budangiri Hills, the place where coffee in India first originated. The Patre family has looked after the farm since 1927 and their approach to farming has always placed ecology and harmony with the environment at the forefront of their work. Ratnagiri literally means ‘Pearl Mountains’ and gets this name from the dense Silver Oak trees that tower over its coffee plants, lending a silver hue to the hills where the farm sits.

Q+A with Ashok and Divya Patre

Ashok: I don’t think that a lot of people know that growing coffee is extremely difficult in the current climatic conditions that we are seeing. Coffee requires a very unique climate with the daily difference between maximum and minimum temperatures staying between 14°C. Coffee will flourish only when this is achieved. We are seeing that this difference in temperature is now being reduced due to climate change, which will have a disastrous impact on growing coffee in the years to come.

To read our full interview with the producer of Ratnagiri Estate, click here.
“We wanted to amplify this coffee’s flavours and heavy, malic acidity. Caramelizing it before First Crack with a shorter roast time in the drum helped us achieve a balanced, fruity cup.”

- Santosh Kunchal, Roaster

About the Roaster

To understand how this coffee was roasted, we spoke to Santosh Kunchal, Lead Roaster at Blue Tokai. Santosh worked on developing the roast profile of this coffee to enhance its complex, fruity flavours. Read his interview below to learn more about what he wanted to bring out in this coffee, the challenges he faced and how he feels about the final cup!

Q+A with the Santosh

A: Santosh: Ratnagiri Estate’s owners, the Patres, are one of India's finest coffee producers. The estate follows strict protocols in coffee harvesting and processing, and this is crucial to maintain the highest quality of coffee produced. Coffee here grows at a higher elevation of approx. 4500 ft. which allows plants to grow slowly and ripens the cherries to and produce a sweet cup. It’s always exciting to roast a coffee as complex as this.

To read our full interview with the roasting team, click here.

Brewing Recipes

Here are some of our favourite recipes for a range of brewing methods.

Cold Brew
Roast Degree
Coffee (g)
100g (approx. 1 cup)
Grind Size
Coarse (Cold brew)
Water (ml)
Water Temperature
Room Temperature
Brew Time
14 Hours
  • Add coffee and filtered cold water in a 1.5L vessel
  • Stir so all grinds are wet. Cover with a lid or cling wrap and leave on the counter top at room temperature.
  • After 14 hours, stir grinds and filter through muslin cloth or cold brew filter.
  • Store in the fridge for up to 4 days.

Our Roasting Schedule

This coffee will be roasted and dispatched from our Mumbai roastery. The next dispatch will happen on the 24th of September.