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Producer Series Lot 10 | Harley Estate Wet Plum

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New year, new coffee! Get a fresh start to the year with our newest high-scoring light roast, straight out of Harley Estate. Situated amidst the rolling hills of Sakleshpur, Harley Estate in Karnataka is surrounded by plenty of coffee and tea farms. With the sweet aroma of tea rose, dried fruits and apricot, this coffee leaves a lingering floral aftertaste. This heavy-bodied coffee makes for a cup with delectable notes of tangy orange, honey, juicy and tart red apple and floral tea rose. To process this lot, Purnesh and Shankar have used the Wet Plum method for which the coffee cherries were stored in an airtight container for fermentation with the introduction of an in-house plum bacteria. Once the correct level of fermentation was reached, these cherries were slowly sun dried to enhance their rich, fruity notes. To enjoy the refreshing flavour profile of this light roast, we recommend manually brewing it using an Aeropress, Pour Over or a French Press.

Tasting Notes: Orange, Honey, Red Apple and Tea Rose

Roast Level: Light

“When it comes to coffee, processing techniques are of the utmost importance. For this coffee, whole ripe cherries were introduced to an in-house activating agent. Plus, we used a slow drying method that really helped with developing the ripe, juicy flavours of plum.“

-D.M Purnesh, Producer

About the Farm

Located in Sakleshpur, Karnataka, Harley Estate sits at an elevation of 945 - 1040m. The estate sees frequent visits by elephants and grows coffee interspersed with areca, pepper, cocoa, and cardamom. Harley has grown coffee since the 1860s and currently grows a varietal of Selection 9 Arabica. The coffees are grown under a rich canopy of trees while the rich soil and nearby spring waters provide a lush environment for the coffee plants to blossom and give them the unique characteristics they are known for. Natural spring water is used for washing the beans and for fermentation; and the beans are dried on raised beds and then on drying patios to ensure even drying and ideal moisture levels. This is the first time we’re featuring Harley Estate in our Producer Series!

Purnesh and Shankar, the farm owners, are very meticulous and detail-oriented when it comes to processing coffee. For their Producer Series debut, they talk to us about their exciting coffee processing method and tell us about their life on the farm. Here is an excerpt.

Q+A with Purnesh and Shankar

Purnesh: We’ve established micro-blocks at Harley Estate. The coffees were selected from a specific block to process this micro lot. The plants were planted way back in 2000 and the picking happened in December 2020.

To read our full interview with the producers at Harley Estate, click here.
“What’s delightful about this coffee is the way it was processed, where they fermented the cherries using bacteria isolated from plum. Roasting one of the highest-scoring coffees in India is a privilege and comes with a lot of responsibility.”

-Suman Das, Senior Roaster

About the Roaster

Each Producer Series coffee brings with it new flavours, new processing techniques and new challenges. In conversation with our Senior Roaster Suman Das, we set out to understand what’s exciting about this coffee, the hurdles he overcame and ultimately, what surprised him the most.

Q+A with Suman

Suman: Unroasted beans are deep brown and orange in colour, which indicates that they have absorbed sugar from the cherry during fermentation. Plus, the controlled fermentation with the bacteria brought out intense coffee attributes which is why this coffee needed to be roasted light and fast in order to not roast out the fruit, and also to highlight the sparkling acidity.

To read our full interview with the roasting team, click here.

Brewing Recipes

Here are some of our favourite recipes for a range of brewing methods:

Inverted Aeropress
Roast Degree
Coffee (g)
20g (just under 3 tablespoons)
Grind Size
Water (ml)
200ml (approx. just under 1 cup)
Water Temperature
Brew Time
3 minutes
  • Pre-wet the filter paper and add 20g coffee.
  • Start the timer, pour 75ml water and whirl the aeropress around 4-5 times to wet all the grounds.
  • After 30 seconds, add another 75ml of water. After 1 minute,
        add 50ml more (200ml total)
  • Flip at the 2:30 minute mark and put the plunger in place.
  • Slowly plunge till 3 minutes.

Our Roasting Schedule

This coffee will be roasted and dispatched from our Bengaluru roastery. The next dispatch will happen on 14th January.