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Elephant and Boar Screen Print

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For all prints, 50% of the profit will go directly to the artist. Each print is created on A4 size card stock paper.

When we showed Mata ni Pachedi artist, Jagdish Chitara, our photos from the coffee farms, he told us that what struck him the most was the abundance of wildlife on the farms. Bison, peacocks, elephants, monkeys and a whole array of birds are just a few examples of species that consider these coffee farms to be their home. In India, unlike countries like Brazil, coffee is shade grown and bird friendly which means that coffee shrubs grow protected under the shade of older and larger trees which also offer a natural habitat to a number of animals including birds.

Jagdish created two images that highlighted the natural wildlife that is found on coffee farms - the Cow and the Peacock, and The Elephant and the Boar.

About this print: This image depicts the numerous stories we heard of wild elephants on nearly every farm we visited. In fact, people living on most of these farms had a very early curfew so not to interfere with the movement of wild elephants as a sign of respect for the wildlife in their area (and also, we're supposing, to stay safe!). In this image, Jagdish recreates the notion of the commanding elephant and ubiquitous boar.