Unakki Estate

Unakki Estate is located in the picturesque Joldal Palya of Chikmagalur district, Karnataka, India. The estate spans across almost 100 acres of lush green forests, beautiful mountains, and serene surroundings.

The estate's history traces back to its founders, Shri. Eregowda and Smt. Hovamma, who started the plantation and worked hard to make it what it is today. Shri. Suresh P E and Smt. YJ Sahara continued the legacy with their passion for farming and coffee cultivation. Their son, Shri Utsav Gowda, an advocate and entrepreneur, is now carrying the legacy forward. The farm was recently named 'Unakki', which means 'den of snakes', as a nod to the local community's worship of the area for over 400 years. The name also pays tribute to the resilient coffee community that has withstood various climate changes.

Unakki Estate is a shade-grown region that produces multiple Arabica varieties, including the Chandragiri varietal coffee. The coffee bushes at the farm grow under a carefully maintained natural shade of native tree species. The estate also produces a variety of fruits like orange, banana, jackfruit, avocado, pomegranate, and spices like pepper, adding fruity and sweet notes to the coffee naturally.

Unakki Estate is at the heart of the Unakki Collective which was started by Kathyayini Muddiah and Rakhee Vishwanath, who help small farmers in their community improve processes and the quality of their produce which we enjoyed in the Debut Series last year. This year, we are pleased to launch a lot specifically from the serene Unakki Estate itself.

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