Our Central Washing Station

Our Central Washing Station

AUGUST 22, 2023

Central Washing Station (CWS) is our post-harvest processing plant, set up in the picturesque Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu that started out with a vision to help scale up the quality of coffees grown by small-scale farmers.

Regrettably, numerous small-scale growers face challenges such as inadequate infrastructure, limited resources, and a shortage of workforce. As the harvest season looms, escalating costs of fertilizers, labor, transportation, and unpredictable weather conditions compound, pushing these growers into a substantial financial strain.

The purpose of the CWS is to address these difficulties by providing farmers with the opportunity to have their coffee lots sorted and processed in a centralized facility. This ensures that they can command a significantly higher price for their produce, as opposed to selling their cherries to local traders where the coffee often gets mixed with produce from other farms and is subsequently sold at a lower cost.

Moreover, coffee processing plays a pivotal role in shaping the flavour profile of the eventual cup. When executed effectively, it not only enhances the value and quality of the coffee but also significantly impacts the overall taste experience. We have chosen to process the lots using the natural method, not only to conserve water but also to enhance the inherent sweetness of the beans.

In this set, we present three coffees carefully selected from a pool of 46 lots. As we bring back this impactful project in 2024, we invite you to savour the fruits of our collective effort and support for the incredible journey ahead!

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