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Orange Mint

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The freshness of citrus and mint, paired perfectly with 100% arabica coffee!

Product Details

Zesty and refreshing coffee in a can, this cold brew brings out notes of citrus and mint in every sip. Roasted with precision for a unique flavour, it has balanced acidity and low bitterness. 

Like all our cold brews, it uses 100% arabica beans, sourced directly from India’s best farms.

How it’s brewed: Specialty-grade Arabica coffee is steeped for 18 hours to bring out a zesty and refreshing flavour. 

Ingredients: Filtered Water (85.10%), 100% Arabica Coffee (12.50%), Orange Mint Syrup (2.4%)

Nutritional Values (per 100ml): Energy 29.44kcal, Carbs 6.84g, Natural Sugar 1.71g, Protein 0.52g, Total Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 1.62mg 

Each can is 250ml. 

You can purchase this as a pack of 2 or 6.