Schedule of Events

Craft Your 

Perfect Cup 

Bring out the barista in 

you at our Brew Bar.

Experience India's Highest-Scoring Coffees

Join us for a cupping session, featuring

coffees we're most proud to roast. 

Everything Brewing:

Cold and Hot  

Join Filip Bartelak, a member of the SCA’s Board of Directors, a sensory expert, R&D supervisor, and green coffee buyer, in a brewing workshop featuring our coffee.

Coffee Tasting Challenge (Blindfold Edition) 

Put your skills to a test, 

minus all distractions. 

Two slots each day 

Meet The 


Get to know the people who

bring India’s best coffees to life. 

Meet the Team

Come say hi to enjoy pour overs,

print your own tote bags, 

grab our choiciest coffees and much more.