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After a series of experiments where coffee beans were aged in red wine barrels – the ones used to store some of Sula’s finest, we found the perfect experimental blend for fermented coffee lovers. The eagerly anticipated collaboration with Sula Vineyards gave us a limited-edition blend with sweet aromas of dark chocolate and cherries, coupled with an aftertaste featuring notes of raisins and prune.

Sourced from some of our favourite partner farms, the coffee beans for this barrel-aged blend were carefully stored in Sula's oak wine barrels, infusing them with unique flavours. Resting in these barrels for several months allowed the beans to absorb the lingering remnants of the previous year's wine batch. A close eye on those beans ensured that they stay nice and moist. And every week, we gave them a little spin in the wine-soaked barrel to make sure there’s enough contact between the beans and the barrel.


This medium-dark roast offered an intense and punchy tasting experience and a rich, chocolatey, and fruity flavor profile with a heavy body and a pleasantly creamy mouthfeel—ideal for brewing as Espresso, Cold Brew, Pour Over, in the Moka Pot, or an AeroPress.

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