SICC - Sirangalli Community

The Sirangalli Community Project is a sustainable coffee farming initiative by the South India Coffee Company (SICC) that works with small coffee farmers in the Pushpagiri Range of the Western Ghats. 

They provide farmers with support services, including: -  

  • Creating new markets for their coffee  
  • Training on farming practices and post-processing  
  • Providing infrastructure help and helping with manpower during harvest  
  • Soil testing and providing free fertilizers based on soil reports  

The initiative is making a positive impact on the lives of coffee farmers and the environment. It is helping to improve coffee yields, quality, and prices, while also conserving water and soil resources. 

The project started with 5 farms, but over the years, the number of farms has increased. Each farm, 1 to 10 acres in size, grows coffee under the shade of native jungle and fruit trees. The farmers also grow cardamom, pepper, and fruits along with the coffee. 

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