Project Sankalp

Project Sankalp

AUGUST 22, 2023

Project Sankalp is an initiative that empowers small and medium-sized farmers in the Pulney region of Tamil Nadu to consistently produce specialty-grade Arabica. All farms part of the project are located just below the towering Perumal Peak.  

As the name suggests, this offering from Project Sankalp was grown at the highest altitude of the Zironeum Peak area. To process this lot, ripe coffee cherries were hand-sorted and stored in sealed barrels for 48 hours, devoid of oxygen, for anaerobic fermentation. This helped enhance the green beans’ original fruity flavours. Post-fermentation, the cherries were laid out in the sun on raised drying beds, then shifted to a shaded facility for slow-drying. Arabica coffee fruits here are grown in fully shaded spots among other fruit trees such as passion fruit, peach, custard apple, avocado and orange! Diverse wildlife species such as the Grizzled Giant Squirrels, Emerald Doves and Hornbills, and occasionally, the Indian Bison can be found around this area.

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