Chandrapore Estate (Kelachandra Coffee)

Chandrapore Estate (Kelachandra Coffee)

AUGUST 22, 2023

Chandrapore Estate is a part of the Kelachandra Coffee group and is lush with shade trees, fertile soil and perfect weather conditions. The history of this estate goes as far back as 1863 when it was established by Messrs J. G and F. M. Hamilton.

The estate grows both Arabica and Robusta coffee of high quality. They consistently achieve good yields owing to a combination of fertile soil, gentle slopes, ideal shade patterns and favourable weather conditions. Through a holistic approach to farming, they ensure the best beans make it into your cup. The estate is Rainforest Alliance Certified due to their timely agronomy practices and stringent standards of processing and harvesting.

Native ficus trees such as Basiri, Goli, Garige and Jackfruit are abundant here and serve as shade trees for the coffees grown here. Animals like bison, hares, and peacocks are abundant in number. Facilities such as creche, housing and periodical health checkups are provided for the farm workers and their families. The Grand Meal is a bi-annual affair hosted by the company where all the estate workers mingle and dine together.

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