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We're a group of people dedicated to sourcing, roasting and distributing the best coffee we can find.  We're actively hiring for the jobs listed below but if you have a passion for coffee and initiative, we'd love to hear from you.


    We’re looking for a Junior Roaster whose role would be to:

    - Schedule roasts to ensure smooth production flow to meet inventory requirements. 

    -Set-up, monitor and execute each roast, making adjustments as needed to ensure each roast meets our quality standards.

    - Prepare various coffee blends according to established recipes. 

    - Remove any roast defects, ensure appropriate labeling and transfer roasted coffee to grinding and bagging station

    - Set up regular sensory evaluations (cuppings) with Coffee Team to ensure quality standards.

    - Maintaining accurate records for inventory and reporting purposes

    - Ensure quality assurance standard are met, via daily cuppings and logging roasts 

    - Assist in the weekly / monthly cleaning and maintenance of the Roasting machine

    - Assisting with packaging, sorting and shipping orders

    - Maintenance of day-to-day operations of the roaster

    - Assist in tastings and other public events as needed.

    - Perform other duties as assigned by Coffee Director.


    Desired Skills and Experience 

    - Must have interest in coffee. You should be able to tell us why you want to work with us when we ask you (which we will!)

     - Organized with well-developed math skills and spreadsheet/data entry skills. – you’ll need to calculate batch sizes on the fly and adjust roasting schedules as orders come in

    - Good multi tasking abilities – you need to be able to monitor/adjust the roast, while preparing the next batch and processing the last

    - Ability to lift 20 kgs of coffee and stand for extended periods of time

    - Passion for tasting and evaluating your work

    - Attention to detail – you need to make sure you are using the right coffees, loading the correct batches, recording and labeling the coffees accurately. Every time.

    - Proficiency at following directions and established recipes. 

    - Able to work well with a team