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We're a group of people dedicated to sourcing, roasting and distributing the best coffee we can find.  We're actively hiring for the jobs listed below but if you have a passion for coffee and initiative, we'd love to hear from you.



We are looking for a talented, dynamic individual to oversee the next phase of our company’s expansion. From identifying key financial ratios to track, to establishing and maintaining relationships with external finance providers, to implementing rigorous control systems to monitor the company as it scales, the individual will be responsible for tracking the overall financial health of our company.

Specific responsibilities will include:

- Establishing and monitoring key financials to keep costs tightly controlled

- Designing a thorough system to track the financial dealings of the company

- Optimising capital structures to help the company to efficiently scale whilst preserving company assets

- Providing accurate and timely reports of the financial state of the company to the CEO

- Developing relationships with commercial banks, and establishing and managing lines of credit


- Qualified CA, CFA or Finance MBA with a sound understanding of Indian Accounting practices, preferably with previous corporate finance experience

- Highly commercially minded, with a systematic approach to designing financial control systems

- 3-5 years industry experience

- Excellent communication skills



The Junior Designer will be responsible for creating design solutions that have high visual impact and help present our products and services to the public and our partner clients in a breakthrough way. Our projects include design works for product packaging, advertising, banners, signage, corporate communications and identity, online retailing (ecommerce), event marketing and beverage photography. The Junior Designer will demonstrate creative flair, up-to-date knowledge of industry software and a professional approach to feedback, time, costs, and deadlines.


- Monitor print production process to ensure that design integrity, color accuracy and image quality are met.

- Create visual assets for all of our digital marketing channels: email -marketing campaign, lookbooks, editorial layouts, paid media, etc.

- Create clean formatted InDesign files, and web ready graphics to hand over to the development team

- Work with project coordinator to maintain deadlines and clearly communicate project status to team members

- Develop content for B2B and B2C customers

- Develop and update all our outlet menus as and when required


- Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or related field

- 0-2 years relevant experience in graphic/interactive design

- Must have a great attitude, communications skills, and excellent writing

- Must have hands on knowledge designing with the Adobe Creative Suite (skills needed are light photo editing and basic typography knowledge)

- An eye for photography

- Excellent and efficient work ethic - must be organized and fast-paced

- Ability to follow instructions and follow feedback

- Able to work independently and meet timelines

- Understanding of basic file prep for all types of print production, including: offset, digital, large format, broadcast graphics, web, packaging, etc



The Community Manager will be responsible for a range of tasks including:

Organising events and collaborations: The candidate will curate events at our roasterie and cafes in Mumbai. This includes seeking out people with a similar vision and values to organising the entire event, creating a Facebook event page with our partners, and keeping baristas informed about each event. The candidate will also seek out events off site that we can participate such as Fashion Week, corporate popups, etc.

Social Media and Content Development: The Community Manager will assist in developing content for our social media channels under the supervision of our Delhi team. In addition, the community manager will contribute posts to our blog.

Business Development: The community manager will work with our Sales Head to also reach out to cafes and get chefs to try our coffees or invite them to our roastery for tastings. Reaching out to new customers is important to our business and the Community Manager will play an integral role in this.

Customer service: Good service is integral to our vision. We are all too familiar with bad customer service and we want to make sure that each of our customers gets the best service we have to offer. This is why fielding customer inquiries on email, social media and over the phone is an essential part of this job. This is an important part of the job and the candidate must be ok with replying to customers, following up daily with couriers and responding promptly on social media.

Enriching the customer experience in our cafes: The Community Manager will interact with our customers on an ongoing basis to ensure that their experience is going well.

Share ideas on how we can continually be better: From initiatives that we can introduce to help keep our team happy to things we can do to make our customers more satisfied, we are always open to ideas!

The candidate must:

  1. Have a strong interest in coffee including learning how to taste and brew it in a number of ways
  2. Be personable and resourceful
  3. Have strong written and verbal communication skills
  4. Should enjoy working in flexible environments and with flexible requirements 5. Should enjoy interacting with people
  5. Able to work independently and resourcefully



We are young, growing coffee company and want to incorporate technology in to everything we do.  We're looking for someone to help create a technology-first coffee company.


Lead the architecture and development of tech systems covering the following high-level application areas:


- Interface with coffee production machines. Aid in creating and monitoring roast manifests. Develop systems to gathering, analyzing and disseminating key QC variables. Developing systems to improve traceability of each product to farm level.

- Order management system deeply integrated with web storefront and backend inventory system. Extensible to cater to current and future sales models.

- Select, develop and/or modify software programs to cover CRM, Accounting, ERP, Logistics, etc.

Customer Facing:

- Oversee continuous evolution of website and development own platform

- Oversee development of mobile solutions (app or mobile site) for customer ordering of both roasted and brewed coffee


- Oversee the development of performance dashboard that tracks and disseminates key metrics on production, sales and delivery.


Typically the individual will posses 8-10 years of experience in developing web-based apps and is very conversant with API integration for the purpose of automation.

Specific skill and expertise requirements are:

- Technology Stack: LAMP / MEAN stack

- Working with systems infrastructure & dependencies for all related software

- Understanding, creating, manipulating, and querying databases. MySQL/ NoSQL/MongoDB

- API / back-end code in one or more languages, e.g. PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, Angular.js

- Front-end code in one or more languages, e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery.

- SRUM / Agile Project management knowledge:

- creating technical specifications and architecture documents,

- managing a project timeline

- Experience in working with cross platform mobile technologies

- Familiarity with Shopify/OpenCart app development is warmly welcomed



To ensure the seamless running of Blue Tokai Cafes in the most effective and efficient
manner delivering the highest possible standards of service, whilst being pro-active in
maintaining and/or improving turnover and profitability. 

Staff Management:
- Ensure all Cafe staff provide a warm and welcoming environment and that customer
service is efficient and outstanding

- Manage and motivate Café Head to increase sales and ensure efficiency, provide a
results driven and fun environment for all employees.

- Ensure all staff are well briefed on their responsibilities and are given constant
supervision and motivation on all aspects of their work

- Plan bi-weekly debriefs with Café Head

- Review Café Head and Cafe staff quarterly, provide feedback, set goals

- Organise and book training sessions for Café staff (new product/new coffee release)

- Hire and Induct new Cafe staff

- Manage Cafe staff rosters, hours, holidays and wage sheets

- Develop a culture of actively seeking feedback from customers on a regular basis

Supervisory Role:
- Manage all daily Cafe operational task lists, ensure the highest quality of standards
are met

- Allocate responsibilities to Cafe personnel

- Deal with customer complaints or queries that escalate beyond Café Head

- Ensure the store fulfils all legal health and safety guidelines

- Be responsible for the smooth running of the Cafe during events working closely
with the Café Head and Events Manager

- Review and collate bi-weekly reporting data as summary, delivered to Head of Retail

- Prepare and control Cafe budgets aiming for maximum efficiency

- Oversee and prepare revenue reports, make forecasts

- Organise Cafe staff training on till operations and implementing till updates with
Café Head

Stock Management:
- Monitor stock levels and purchases, ensure Cafes stay within budget work with Café

- Keeping an updated list of suppliers for food, consumables and cleaning supplies,
updating Café Head where necessary

- Assist in quarterly stocktake for each Café

In addition to above, be ready to perform all key aspects of working as a Barista:
- Prepare and serve hot and cold coffee beverages.

- Describe menu items to customers or suggest retail products that might appeal to

- Order, receive and stock supplies or retail products.

- Receive and process customer payments.

- Take customer orders and convey them to other employees for preparation.

- Grind and pack coffee beans for customers.

- Clean service and seating areas.

- Able to open and close Café, performing all duties involved in these procedures.