Bynemara Estate

Bynemara Estate has been in the Beranagodu family for nearly 150 years. Reaching up to 4000 ft above sea level, Bynemara Estate is named after the Kannada word for Caryota Palm tree, which is found in abundance throughout the plantation. Both Arabica and Robusta are grown under the shade of a wide variety of trees and plants,  including Pepper, Areca Nut, Silver Oak, Mango, and Orange. This significantly enhances micro-climatic conditions, soil fertility, and the overall sustainability of the estate.

Bynemara Estate comprises two farms, with different altitudes and topographies – all of which enable the production of multiple variants of coffee, each with a unique flavour profile. Among the Arabica Catimore, S795, No. 6, and Hemavathi varietals are all grown. The estate does both natural, wet and honey processing and uses elevated trays as well as mechanical dryers to ensure consistency and quality.

A small stream runs through the estate and powers a water turbine, effectively generating consistent, clean, dam-free, renewable electricity that supports the infrastructure of the plantation. The estate staff is provided with living quarters, free electricity and water, and medical facilities.

Bynemara Estate has been exporting coffee to Europe since 1999 and has received multiple awards from ILLY in recognition for their green coffee quality.

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