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  • You will earn coins from a single account on purchases made on both, the official Blue Tokai website and mobile application.
  • BT coins earned will be calculated on spends rounded down to the nearest multiple of 100.
  • BT coins earnings will be calculated on the payment gateway transaction amount and not on the total bill.
  • Amount of BT coins earned is variable, based on the current loyalty tier (refer to table below).
  • You will be able to earn more points on promotional offers, as and when applicable.
  • BT coins in your coin wallet are valid for a period of 12 months plus extra days till the end of the month. For example, coins earned on any day of September 2022 will be valid till Sep 30, 2023.
  • Limit of maximum coins earned
Tier Level Tier Name Coins earned per transaction
0 Explorer 4%
1 Insider 5%
2 Patron 6%
3 Ambassador 8%
4 Epicure 10%
5 Connoisseur 15%
  • Coin and reward redemption can only be done on the mobile application and will NOT be available on the website.
  • You can use these coins to off-set upto 50% of your bill amount.
  • You can use these coins to unlock special offers.
  • You can either use a discount code or BT coins at checkout. Both will not be applicable on the same transaction.
  • Special promotions and offers will enable you to earn more points.
  • You will be moved up a tier if you earn a certain amount of coins within a 6-month period.
  • You will be moved down to the corresponding tier if your coin earning within a 6-month is not commensurate to your current tier.
  • The 6-month period will be calculated from the date of last tier change.
Tier Level Tier Name Coins to be earned (max 6 months)
0 Explorer 0
1 Insider 200
2 Patron 400
3 Ambassador 800
4 Epicure 2000
5 Connoisseur 4000

Q. Can I get BT Coins for the purchases I’ve made in the last 6 months?

A. No, BT Coins cannot be added retrospectively to your account. Any purchases made prior to joining the BT Circle Loyalty Program will not count towards your BT Coins balance.

Q. How do I see my BT Coins transaction history?

A. You can navigate to the ‘My Orders’ section in the Profile tab (last tab in the bottom navigation menu) and check your order history. BT Coins earned with each order will be reflected in the order details.

Q. Can I convert my BT Coins to rupees (cash)?

A. No. You can redeem your BT Coins to off-set your bill amounts (excluding taxes) while making a purchase through the app. Additionally, you can also use the BT Coins to unlock special offers and access exclusive experiences.

Q. Can I transfer my BT Coins to someone else or a different account?

A. No, BT Coins are earned and redeemed by individual users and are strictly non-transferable.
I made a purchase, but didn’t receive any BT Coins.
You can read more about how to earn BT Coins here. If you think a valid purchase has been made for which BT Coins have not been credited, please reach out to our customer support team on
I made a purchase at the cafe, but didn’t use the app to pay as I was unaware.

Q. Can I get the BT Coins now?

No, purchases made offline at the cafes do not count towards your BT Coins wallet and cannot be accrued to your account. Only purchases made through our official app and website count towards earnings of BT Coins.

Q. What is the maximum number of BT Coins I can earn in a single transaction?

A. You can earn up to 4000 BT Coins in a single transaction through the mobile app and our official website.

Q. Do I get reward BT Coins on coffee subscriptions?

A. Yes. Your purchase of a coffee subscription is treated as any other purchase. BT Coins corresponding to your coffee subscription will be added to your BT Coins wallet.

Note: Loyality Points won't be rewarded during any kind of Sale on website