Hello Summer: Coffees and Tools Perfect For This Season!

Hello Summer: Coffees and Tools Perfect For This Season!

Gear up to celebrate the warmer weather with coffees and equipment that are best paired with a side of sunshine.

Cool down with cold brews

Unlike hot coffees, Cold Brew relies on the gentle workings of time, as opposed to temperature, to make a flavourful glass of coffee. The steeping process is very long and ranges from anywhere between 12-24 hours. Perfect for those who prefer a cup with low acidity!  

If you’ve never tried your hand at cold brewing at home, our Cold Brew Cans are for you! ​​ Perfect for your everyday, our new cold brew cans are available in 6 flavours! Crack open a can and enjoy it as it is, drink it with milk or use it as a mixer. Available as a pack of two or six, the cold brew cans also come in an assorted six-pack so you can try all our delicious flavours!

The cold brew cans are available as a pack of two or six. Each can is 250ml. You can even get an assorted six-pack, carrying all six flavours together!

Ideal for those who want to take their home brewing up a notch this summer, our Cold Brew Starter Kit comes with a bag of freshly roasted coffee, 1 Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot and a brewing guide to ensure you nail the flavours in the brew! This DIY kit is perfect to get started with your specialty coffee journey at home. 

You can also buy our cold brew bags, available in three different blends. Each Cold Brew Box contains 5 sachets.

Traditional brews — with a cool twist!

Pour Over is an amazing way to brew a complex and delicate cup, and we love its versatility which makes it our go-to on a cold winter morning just as much as on a cold winter day!  

Learn how to make a quick and delicious iced pour over here

Pro-tip: we always recommend 'agitating' the bloom — stirring the coffee grinds with your first pour of water.

BT recommends: 

Coffee Dripper V60 White

Thogarihunkal Estate - Anaerobic Natural

Portable and lightweight, the AeroPress is a great travel companion and can brew a full-bodied cup wherever you are. The best part? This one device opens doors to a variety of brewing recipes such as Inverted AeroPress and Iced AeroPress.

Learn the full recipe to brew Iced AeroPress here.

BT recommends: 

Aeropress Starter Kit

Hardoor Estate

Attikan Estate

Our in-cafe favourites!

If you are a fan of our in-cafe coffee drinks, just come right over this summer and cool down with our delicious range of iced coffees. Check out some of our very best iced coffee creations:

Our take on this sweet classic, our Vietnamese Iced Coffee brings together the best of coffee and the goodness of condensed milk!

Delve into this heavenly concoction of ice cream and coffee. Try it once, and you’ll crave it often!

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