Our bottled cold brews, both Light and Bold, were how we introduced you to Blue Tokai’s cold brew experience. We took that one step further last year with our Cold Brew bags, which made home-brewing that much easier. And now, we add another chapter to this journey with the launch of our Cold Brew cans.

Why the can? For a few years now, we have been perfecting our cold brews and trying to make it more accessible to you in different forms. You could order it in, have it in our cafés or even brew it in your home, but what if you could take it anywhere you wanted? To make this possible, we combined the portable form factor of a can with six different flavours, created from our traditional cold brew recipe. Every can consists of a cold brew concoction steeped for 18 hours to bring out the best out of the coffee beans, which is then nitro-infused to lock in the flavour.

In addition to our Classic Light and Classic Bold flavours, we have also introduced four new variants: Tender Coconut, Passion Fruit and Coffee Cherry along with a single-origin from Ratnagiri Estate. With the first two, we wanted to bring you a blend of our favourite tropical fruits with our signature, triple-filtered cold brewing process. The Coffee Cherry cold brew is brewed with the skin of coffee cherries, also known as Cascara, and lends a fruity, tea-like flavour to this cold brew.  Our long-standing partnership with Ratnagiri Estate has produced some of our best coffees in the past few years, and we are now bringing the same expertise to the world of cold brews with the single-origin can.

The Cold Brew Cans are not just a new way we are offering a Blue Tokai favourite, but they also make it easier to consume, no matter where you are. Whether you are rushing to work or just relaxing with friends at a picnic, the cold brew cans pair perfectly with your everyday. We are truly excited for you to try them, and we are offering them in both single and six-pack variants. If you want to try all of them together, you can even get our assorted pack with all six flavours.
To know more about each variant and to order your cold brew can, click here.

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