Coffee Links

Coffee Links

Another product with an eye on design – the Viora Lid does not disappoint. We knew Silicon Valley was crazy for its coffee, but this takes thing to a slightly different level. This carefullly designed coffee cup lid heightens the aroma of the coffee. Given the importance of aroma for the coffee drinking experience, we expect to see more inventions soon!

Some great coffee ideas brought to you from around the world. Make sure to order some of these if you just happen to be in these countries. The most intriguing would have to be the Japanese coffee can for coffee drinkers on the go.

We love Colombian coffee and are glad that it’s going to be around for a lot longer thanks to the work done by the Colombian Coffee Grower’s Federation. When Colombian coffee was severely threatened by the Roya fungus, the Federation’s research arm introduced a variety that was resistant to the fungus and, fortunately, it worked. Threats by different types of fungus are a very real concern for coffee farmers around the world, and the sad reality is that a lack of research, access to different varieties or financial circumstances mean that a number of affected farmers will not have the resources to get back on their feet.

While we love the ritual of making a pourover in the morning, we understand not every one loves to practice making concentric circles when they first wake up. Traditional drip machines are great for convenience but sacrifice a lot of flavor. Enter the Brazen Plus With variable temperature control, a extra-wide pulsating shower head and a pre-infusion mode, this SCAA-certified brewer has it although at USD 200 it doesn’t come cheap!

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