Coffee Links

Coffee Links


In local news, white stem borer be damned, India looks poised for a record coffee harvest.

We touched on this last time, but this neat map of the world displays the popularity of instant versus brewed coffee. The most shocking country on there? Australia. Despite a booming speciality culture, 3/4 of coffee sales in Australia are of instant coffee.

We didn’t realise that coffee and it’s substitutes played such a crazily pervasive role during the American civil war (although hating imprisonment because it means you miss your daily dose of java does sound about right). According to one General, “No Mocha or Java ever tasted half so good as this rye-sweet-potato blend!” Our next small lot coffee perhaps?

Can you tell the difference between Bosnian and Turkish coffee? Whoa, let’s take a step back – did you know there’s something called Bosnian coffee?

And lastly, this gas-powered Aeropress station isn’t just in the news but is also on our wishlist for our next mela event.

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