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Intro to Roasting

At Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, our mission has always been simple: introduce our customers to the Indian estates we buy our coffees from, roast the beans with care, and ship them out to customers as quickly as possible. We are taking this a step further by introducing a roasting tour to help customers understand what goes on in our roasting rooms!

This one and a half hour tour will be divided into two sections. The first will be an introduction to all things related to roasting. Our roaster will brief you about Blue Tokai’s supply chain, storage tips, varieties of Arabica coffee, as well as our selection and sampling process. This portion will end with a roasting demonstration to offer more insight into the parameters taken into account while roasting coffee beans.

The second part of this tour is an interactive tasting session where each attendee will get to try out a selection of different roasts to really understand how their profiles affect their flavour. All participants will receive a free 250gm pack of coffee at the end of the session which, if they like, they can get ground to their brewing preference at the coffee bar.

You can register online at or at any of our cafes. If this is a gift, please send us an email at to let us know who will attend the tour.

Please note that we cannot accept cash on delivery reservations for this tour.  You can also register for the tour at any of our locations. 

We are very excited to share this part of our operations with you, and look forward to seeing you at our next roastery tour!  

Unit 20-22, Laxmi Woollen Mill, Opposite Khazana Furniture,
Off Dr E Moses Road, Shakti Mills Lane,
Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011
Timings: 12:00 - 2:00 pm | Sunday, 16 December, 2018
Note: No COD reservations will be accepted 

New Delhi:
Khasra 258, Lane 3, Westend Marg, Saidulajab
Timings: 12:00 - 2:00 pm | Sunday, 9 December, 2018
Note: No COD reservations will be accepted 


We also offer private roastery tours, please write to for more information. 

Intro to Roasting

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