WeWork Blend
We have worked together to create a unique blend that is exclusively available at all WeWork locations.  The coffees are selected from India's two main growing regions - Chikmagalur and Coorg - and are roasted fresh each week at our roasteries in Mumbai and Delhi.
Flavor notes
Our special WeWork blend has notes of malt, toffee and cherries with a lingering sugar cane sweetness.
About the coffees
In Chikmagalur, our coffee comes from four estates in Baba Budangiri, which is the birthplace of coffee in India.  These estates range in altitude from 3,700 to 4,200 ft and all grow the popular S795 varietal.  In Coorg, we are working with 2 different estates that reach up to 3,500 ft and grow S795 and HDT - Catuai varietals.  All coffees are shade grown  and washed processed.
About the roast
Fully automatic machines brew coffee in a very short time which makes it difficult to fully extract the flavour from the coffee.  In order to counter this, most companies roast the coffee very dark.  While this makes the coffee extract faster, it also increases bitterness and destroys much of the complexity in flavor. By adjusting different parameters while roasting coffee, our team has created a special profile for this blend, which preserves the inherent flavor notes from the high quality coffees we have sourced.
To learn more about brewing recipes and tips, browse our brewing guides.
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