Royal Enfield

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The Beginning

Our paths first crossed with Royal Enfield on the open road for a special farm tour to MSP Gowri Estate. A band of riders from across India, journeyed from Bangalore to the coffee farm on their Meteor 350s, to experience first-hand what it takes for coffee to take the form they know and love. From that, a collaboration rooted in craftsmanship and adventure was born, with a lot more on the horizon.

From the Farm Tour

For three days, riders from Royal Enfield witnessed the entire farm-to-cup journey at MSP Gowri Estate.


The Royal Enfield Cruise Blend

Inspired by the spirit of cruising and the open road, this special blend was crafted using beans sourced from lush estates in Shevaroy Hills, Tamil Nadu. We chose to roast it medium dark so you could experience a cup with a bold kick, and notes of roasted hazelnut, caramel, and raisins.
The blend is exclusively available at select Blue Tokai cafes.