Hosabane Plantation

Hosabane Plantation is located in the lush lands of Coorg, Karnataka and has been in the Dambekodi family for the last 4 generations. This plantation originally began in the 1980s within a dense forest and over time it expanded with Arabica and Robusta shade-grown intercrops, alongside commercial crops such as cardamom, pepper, arecanut, rubber, banana, orange, ginger, and avocado.

The plantation boasts of rich biodiversity, providing a natural roof of Rosewood, Ficus, Jackfruit, Nerale, Honne, and other tree varieties under which coffee thrives. There also is the thriving presence of animals like civets, squirrels, peacocks, mongooses, monkeys, and a variety of birds.

For the past few years, the Chandragiri variety of Arabica has been cultivated at the farm. The anaerobic processing starts with hand-picking ripe coffee cherries and is carried out across four to five rounds, ensuring only the best ripened fruits are chosen. They are washed and left to naturally ferment inside air-tight grain pro bags, then sun-dried to infuse a unique flavour.

The plantation's vibrant flora and fauna, along with its wonderful climate featuring an average rainfall of 1000-2000 mm and temperatures ranging from 18 to 32 degrees, contribute to the superior quality of the slightly acidic, reddish-brown organic soil, resulting in exceptional coffee beans.