A celebration of our rarest and most innovative coffees

A celebration of our rarest and most innovative coffees

As the clouds drenched in the Indian monsoon are settling, making way for the milder rays of the fall sun, we are warming up to celebrate the season of our highest scoring coffees. Our Producer’s Series is an ode to India's most visionary coffee growers who dare to dream big and experiment with innovative processing techniques at their farm.

Producer Series was born out of the collaborative effort by Indian coffee producers and our roasting team. On their annual farm tours, our roasting and sourcing teams work closely with the producers to identify different ways of elevating the quality of coffee produced — this not only helps producers carve a niche with innovative processing techniques, but also helps us bring you some of India’s finest coffee! We launched our Producer Series last year and featured 5 coffees from Ratnagiri and Riverdale Estate as their experimental nano lots. From anaerobic fermentation to black honey processing, we featured the most innovative processing taking place on Indian farms through last year's releases.

This year’s rare and incredibly high-scoring lots come from the estates we partnered with last year (as well as some new ones)! We’ve experimented with newer processing methods with our old partners, and included some new farms who had pushed boundaries with their processing this year. In addition to Ratnagiri and Riverdale Estate, we’ll also be featuring some high-scoring coffees from Kerehaklu and Harley Estate!

For the uninitiated, all our coffees launched as part of this series are roasted light to highlight the green bean’s natural flavours that made us fall in love with them in the first place. This is what makes our Producer Series releases stand out from the rest of the coffees we have on offer. Not only are these coffees grown in small quantities, they’re also the most floral and fruity coffees coming from Indian farms! 

Through this series of nano lots that we feature annually, our aim is to give Indian coffee producers a leg up in the industry, and elevate the coffee brewing experience for all our customers! We hope you enjoy drinking these coffees as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing them to life.

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