Mumbai + Delhi

We will be closed for Diwali on the 30th of October. Our next roast following Diwali will continue as normal on Wednesday, the 2nd of November. If you'd like to ensure you have enough coffee to tie you over Diwali, we recommend placing your next order by Sunday, October 23rd.

We started our roasteries with the sole purpose of offering our customers the opportunity to interact with the process of coffee roasting as much as possible. The large windows in our roastery were designed for you to observe our coffee roasters at work while you sip our special house blends in the attached café. To take the interaction with your coffee a level further, we’ll be running ongoing tours of the roastery.

We roast coffee every Sunday and Wednesday and invite you to come to the roastery to learn more about coffee roasting and interact with the roasters!

At our cafés, we brew carefully mixed house blends perfect for espresso based drinks. We also do special blends for pourover coffee. Our baristas brew the coffee on an open counter - ideal for viewing the coffee being brewed.

You can email us on getcoffee@bluetokaicoffee.com or call or WhatsApp us at +91-98211-26015 (Delhi) and +91- 98200-95887 (Mumbai) if you have any questions.

We hope to see you soon!

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