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Zironeum Peak

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This seasonal offering sees us partnering with Project Palani 80+ for the first time. This project works with small and medium-sized farms from the Pulney region in Tamil Nadu, all of which are located just off the towering Perumal Peak. This initiative was undertaken to help small independent coffee farmers consistently produce great-tasting and high-quality coffee that meets the standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association. As the name suggests, this coffee comes from Zironeum Peak, which is the highest altitude where Project Palani 80+ works. 

This washed processed, medium roast is perfect for manual brewing methods like the French Press and Moka Pot as well as for espresso-based drinks.

Roast Level: Medium 

Flavor Notes: Brown Sugar, Dried Dates, Dark Chocolate

We recommend Channi Grind , If you don't have any coffee brewing equipment yet.

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    Palni Hills

  • Varietal

    SLN 5B

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