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Zironeum Peak

Passion Fruit, Berry Jam, Lemonade

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Anaerobic Natural


Pulney Hills, TN



We’re elated to introduce our latest light roast from Project Sankalp. This coffee has a juicy body with aromas of berries along with a citrusy, almost tea-like aftertaste. It is best enjoyed when brewed as a Pour Over or in an AeroPress. If you’ve been a fan of our Riverdale N72 and Harley Estate Pichia, you’ll relish this coffee’s flavour profile that has taste notes of passion fruit, berry jam and lemonade. To produce this lot, ripe coffee cherries were hand-sorted and stored in sealed barrels for 48 hours, devoid of oxygen, for anaerobic fermentation. This helped enhance the green beans’ original fruity flavours. Post-fermentation, the cherries were laid out in the sun on raised drying beds, then shifted to a shaded facility for slow-drying.

This coffee was grown at the highest altitude of the Zironeum Peak area by Project Sankalp. This initiative was undertaken to empower small and medium-sized farms in the Pulney region of Tamil Nadu to grow specialty coffee, keeping with the standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association.

Tasting Notes: Passion Fruit, Berry Jam, Lemonade

Roast Level: Light

About Project Sankalp

Project Sankalp is an initiative that empowers small and medium-sized farmers in the Pulney region of Tamil Nadu


Brewing Guides


18g Coffee Amount
88 °C Water Temperature
1:00 Min Brew Time
210ml Water Volume
Medium Grind Size

Brewing Method

  • Pre-wet the filter paper, place in the cap and set aside
  • Using the inverted method, add the coffee to the chamber
  • Start timer and add 80ml water and let bloom for 20 seconds
  • Add 70 ml more of water, stir 20 times and screw on cap with filter
  • At 1:00 minute, flip Aeropress on to cup
  • Very slowly press over approximately one minute
  • Top up with 80ml hot water.

South Indian Filter

18g Coffee Amount
90-95°C Water Temperature
8 Min Brew Time
100ml Water Volume
Medium Fine Grind Size

Brewing Method

  • Add coffee into top chamber.
  • Lightly press 3 times with filter to flatten and compact slightly.
  • Pour hot water over top, place lid and let it drip through over 8 minutes.
  • Top up the decoction with 30 ml of hot water or more to taste
  • We don't recommend adding milk to this coffee

Cold Brew

100g Coffee Amount
Room Temp Water Temperature
18 Hours Brew Time
1L Water Volume
Coarse Grind Size

Brewing Method

  • Add coffee and filtered cold water in 1.5L vessel
  • Stir so all grinds are wet. Add lid or cling wrap, leave on bench top at room temp for 18 hours
  • After 18 hours, stir grinds and filter through muslim cloth or cold brew filter


16.5g Coffee Amount
90°C Water Temperature
2:45 Min Brew Time
235ml Water Volume
Pourover Grind Size

Brewing Method

  • Rinse filter paper with hot water to pre-heat cone.
  • Add 16.5g coffee, start a timer and pour 60ml water
  • Stir 4-5 times
  • Let the coffee bloom for 1:10seconds, after which pour another 175ml water
  • Swirl the cone 4-5 times and let the coffee drip down


92g Coffee Amount
92°C Water Temperature
3:30 Min Brew Time
130ml Water Volume
Very Coarse Grind Size

Brewing Method

  • Add coffee to vessel and start timer.
  • Pour water off the boil and stir for 10 seconds.
  • Cover the vessel and allow the coffee to brew for 3:30 minutes.
  • Pour through channi and top up with hot water, not milk as this coffee is recommended to be enjoyed black

Home Espresso

15g Coffee Amount
30 Sec Brew Time
Fine Grind Size

Brewing Method

  • Place ground coffee in your basket, and very lightly press and flatten out the grinds with your tamper.
  • Insert handle into the machine and turn on to make espresso.
  • Start timer and stop machine a 2-3 seconds before recommended brew time as coffee will continue to drip through.
  • If you are using scales the shot should weigh between the suggested range.
  • Add steamed milk or hot water to taste

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