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V60 Ice-Coffee Maker

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Iced coffee is delicious and refreshing, but not something that's easy to make on-the-spot and often requires overnight brewing. Not anymore! With the V60 Ice-Coffee Maker, you can enjoy your favourite cold brews in a matter of minutes. It combines the ease of Pour Over style coffee with the great taste of a cold brew. The V60 Ice-Coffee Maker comes with a Pour Over cone along with a glass server that has an in-built ice strainer inside. To brew iced coffee, simply fill up the strainer with ice, and use the V60 cone to brew yourself a normal Pour Over. The filter brewing method ensures the coffee is thoroughly extracted, and it flows over the ice strainer which allows it to cool instantly. Pour into a glass over ice, and enjoy. You can also brew a hot Pour Over - simply skip adding ice to the strainer!

• V60 dripper cone
• Server with long ice strainer for instant cooling
• Brews Pour Over style hot and iced coffee


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