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Microlot - Thogarihunkal Estate

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This year we have worked closely with Thogarihunkal Estate at the farm level. We were involved from the harvesting to the processing of these cherries, to ensure that only the ripest were picked. 

This microlot of Selection 5B is grown at an altitude where the windy and cold climate causes the beans to mature very slowly. After multiple rounds of selective picking, the ripe cherries are pulped, fermented for 12 hours and washed. The beans then spend 8 days under natural sunlight to dry. The SLN 5B varietal has become increasingly rare and this microlot blew us away on the cupping table with its complexity and flavour notes. Pour Over and Filter brews of this microlot will be fruity, floral and sweet which is unique to most Indian speciality coffee.

Roast Level: Light 

Flavor Notes: Floral, Grape, Honey, Vanilla, Melon

  • Altitude

    1000 - 1400m

  • Processing


  • Location


  • Varietal

    Selection 5B

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