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Taster's Club - 3 Delivery Subscription

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This three delivery subscriptions will contain below mentioned coffees
  • Fruit Fermentation 
  • Yeast Fermentation 
  • New Regions: Araku & Koraput

Get a 3-episode subscription to receive a series of episodes of the Taster’s Club, along with continued access to our Discord server where our coffee community, which includes our roasters, comes together to discuss their experiences. This ensures that the coffee conversation, interaction, and education never stops.

In each episode, you will receive three coffee samples of 75g each for tasting exercises along with an instructional handbook, and educational resources in the form of a video and access to our Discord server.

With hands-on tasting exercises coupled with in-depth explanations, each box will help you understand various facets of specialty coffee. 

Next Dispatch Date: 7th October