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Producer Series 2022 Lot 2 - Riverdale Estate – Florals

Raspberry, Tea Rose, Honey, Hibiscus

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    Our second lot of this year’s high-scoring coffees is from one of your favourites — Riverdale Estate! To process this lot, ripe coffee cherries were picked from one of the highest blocks at the estate, where they have an exceptionally high degree brix (sugar content by volume).

“I am always on the lookout for a sweet, balanced and clean cup with a pronounced flavour, which is achieved through careful processing. To get a high-scoring naturally processed coffee, we look for uniformity in the beans, moisture level and their colour.”

- Prakashan Balaraman, Producer

About the Farm

Tucked away in the Shevaroy Hills of Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, the Riverdale Estate is a sprawling coffee farm that has a history of three generations working away tirelessly to produce impressive coffees. A freshwater stream flows beside the farm which lends itself to the name of the estate. Prakashan, the farm owner, is a big proponent of experimentation when it comes to the coffee he grows.

We spoke to Prakashan to learn about everything that goes into processing coffee and what drives him to experiment the way he does. Here is an excerpt.

Q+A with Prakashan

Prakashan: We speak to leading farmers and roasters from around the world to understand new varieties of plants and regularly discuss new processing methods that push boundaries in terms of unique flavours. For the next harvest, we’re planning to start work on hydro naturals to create intense flavours in the cup.

“Since this is a naturally processed coffee, I expected it to have more of a fruity flavour, but I was pleasantly surprised to find floral notes in the cup as well.”

- Hiren Patel, Roaster

About the Roaster

Each Producer Series coffee brings with it new flavours, new processing techniques and new challenges. In conversation with our Roaster Hiren Patel, we set out to understand the flavours he wanted to highlight while roasting, how he loves brewing it and ultimately, what surprised him the most.

Q+A with Hiren

Hiren: I wanted to highlight the coffee’s fruity yet floral notes which I feel come out beautifully when brewed using a Pour Over or a Channi. I love the unique characteristics of this coffee — something I always look forward to with this estate. They have technologies like drip irrigation and African-style raised beds to dry coffees, which contributes to producing a good quality coffee.

Brewing Recipes

Here are some of our favourite recipes for a range of brewing methods:

Inverted Aeropress
Roast Degree
Coffee (g)
18g (just under 3 tablespoons)
Grind Size
Water (ml)
Water Temperature
Brew Time
2:30 minutes
  • Pre-wet the filter paper and add coffee.
  • Start the timer, pour 100ml water and whirl the AeroPress around 4-5 times to wet all the grounds.
  • After 30 seconds, add another 120ml of water.
  • After 2 minutes, screw on the cap, flip and plunge for 25-30 seconds.

Our Roasting Schedule

This coffee will be roasted and dispatched from our Mumbai roastery. The next dispatch will happen on 3rd August.