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Now you can make espresso-style coffee with your Aeropress! The Prismo attachment is a pressure activated valve which can be fixed on your Aeropress to create a pressure build-up so you can 'pull' an espresso-style shot. It comes with a reusable 150 micron etched filter that is easy to clean and also gives you a sediment-free cup of coffee. The Prismo also has a no-drip seal so you can brew full-immersion coffee without having to invert your Aeropress, and can even use it to prepare cold brews. It easily screws onto your Aeropress giving you the power of multiple brews with just one device! Please note that this is not recommended for the Aeropress Go.

• Pressure activated valve, fits directly onto an Aeropress
• Comes with a reusable 150 micron metal filter
• Easily brew espresso-style coffee, full imersion coffee, cold brews or recipes that previously required you to invert the Aeropress


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